Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let me introduce ourselves ...

                                                     Hello there,

I am Mr. Whiskers ( I am the cute one with the dark fur), my brother Alvin and I are staying at the Marble Public Library. I don't know what it is with my brother, but if you should happen to peak into our cage, he is the one that just has to keep on waking me up, by crawling on top of me. Anyhow, if you should not have guessed it, we are not to be mistaken as humans, guinea pigs or mice. We are just to cute to be one of the listed!

We usually stay at the VanDyke Elementary school, but since school is out for the summer, we decided to take a little R and R at the library. Trust me, keeping up with Mrs. Inglebret's class can tucker you out. Don't believe it? Then spend a day with us in the classroom and you will end up wondering, where do those teachers get their energy? I swear, they must have special powers to keep up with those "little" munchkins (Yeah right, like they are little! They are the size of a giant compared to us). Don't take me wrong; the kids are lots of fun, but they sure are busy.

So we decided, why not pack our stuff up and stay at a place where we can just relax, visit with kids when we feel like it and read as many books as we can over the summer. And oh boy, do they have lots of books here! You would be amazed! And Tanja told me, if she doesn't have it at the library, she can get it for me! How cool is that? So I am thinking, that Alvin and I will not run out of things to read.

Anyhow, as I settle in at the library I will be stopping by at the blog and let you know what I am currently reading and if it is any good! Trust me, I will also let you know, if a book is a snoozer. I heard, that this is a most welcomed side-effect, if you are a parent and trying to get the kids to sleep, but I usually like to stay awake while I am reading. I will let you know so you can come into the library and check it out.

And since it seems that Alvin is more social even though he is a bit camera shy; I am sure that I can talk him into popping in every now and then to educate you (ha, I heard that word a few times in the school and I was just itching to use it) about things that will be happening at the library.

Anyway, I have to get started on my reading. Tanja told me to check out a picture book for tonight.  It is called: The Pigeon Needs a Bath by a fellow named Mo Willems. Supposedly those books are funny according to a gal named Alicia ( I think she works here, too but I haven't seen her yet). I guess I have to take Tanja's word for it and hope that that Alicia person is right.

Talk to you later,
Mr. Whiskers

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