Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kids LOVE the library!

We're now a week into our new building, and today the preschoolers from next door came over.  They have been anxiously awaiting the opening, and have missed their weekly visits here.  Today they got to come in for the first time in a couple months.  Mouths agape, exclamations of delight; how great it is to see their enjoyment!

Slowly but surely the other kids from the community have been filtering in.  For anyone out there who thinks kids just come in to sit at the computers and play games, think again.  Today, I ordered the second Percy Jackson book for one kid (and found a couple other books to fill the time until it comes--just in case he finishes those last 20 pages faster than the second book will get here.)  We had one other kid asking if her book had come in yet (The Sisters Grimm, book 4).  One other kid brought back the books she had to borrow from another library while we were closed and picked out two more from our collection.  We've been around these kids for several years, and would never have guessed that some of them would become the readers that they are today.  Sure, they initially came in for the movies and computers, but somehow they've also found their way into the stacks of books.  Hurrah!!

The headphones did not make the trip over to the new library.  They may have all been broken before we shut down.  When asked by one of the three kids at the computers this afternoon if we had any, the answer was a resounding "NO."  When we suggested that we could put up a donation can for new headphones, their answer was a resounding "YES!"  One even offered to donate all of the $40 in his piggy bank. 

Now those are the kind of patrons we want for our library!!  The fact that they are under the age of 15 means less than their love for the library!  Just because they're young, does not mean they warrant some of the scornful looks of some of their elders.  They use the library differently than the kids of years past, but they still USE THE LIBRARY!  They see it as a great place to be, and we'd love to keep it that way. 

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