Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are open for business! We are handicap accessible! The computers are up and running! Books are on the shelves! We have heat!!!

It's been a long process and we aren't completely done yet. We haven't been here long enough to know what we're missing or needing. There are still some boxes of books on the floor. There is still a lot of stuff at the old library--up the stairs, through the cold, cold hallway. Sure, we don't have anything on the walls but we don't know what to put there nor do we have funding for extravagant works of art. As a library with one of the lowest budgets in our system, it's amazing that we've gotten ourselves into a new building! We're going to appreciate what we've got (heat! no stairs! heat!) before we start complaining about what we don't have (telephone, drop box receptacle, new magazine subscriptions). We'll just enjoy the heat!

(It may take awhile, but eventually I will again be able to direct you exactly to that Dean Koontz/Janet Evanovich/Jodi Piccoult/Lee Child book without looking up. ~Alicia)

Hip Hip Hooray, we're in the new building!!

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