Tuesday, August 14, 2012

U.S. Public Libraries Weather the Storm

Weathering the Storm

INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Public Libraries Weather the Storm
Strategic vision and careful management have helped U.S. public libraries weather the storm of the Great Recession, supporting their role as a lifeline to the technology resources and training essential to full participation in the nation’s economy.

However, a new report underscores the competing concerns that face America’s libraries: cumulative budget cuts which threaten access to libraries and services, increasing demand for technology training, and the chronic presence of the digital divide. [MORE from Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study]

*Just thought I'd share this look at the role of libraries in our society and the funding that public libraries receive.  I got all of the above courtesy of the American Library Association.  If you click on INFOGRAPHIC above it will take you to the ALA website. 

My thoughts on the above?  If you live in a lower income community, you know the value of a public library.  If you have not entered a library in 5 years or more, go into one.  Go to one in an affluent area and then visit one in a lower income area.  Notice the differences in the people in each area.  Notice the differences in the numbers of people in each area.  Talk to the people who work at a public library.  

If you think libraries are becoming extinct because of the electronic technology that is available now, think again.  Our role has changed in many ways but we still fill a valuable role in our society. 

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