Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What to do, what to do???

You might ask yourself that question, after your child just informed you that they will be out of school for 16 days! No need to sweat it, we have the solution here at the library. Just send them to the library; as always, we love to see them here. On Mondays and Fridays at 1:30 pm, we will change it up a bit and turn off the computers for the kids and make some crafts instead.

On Monday the 22nd we will find out what Grungy Candles are. All  you need is a little Mod Podge, coffee  and a candle.

Friday the 26th is the day to make something for our winged friends. So bring a couple of cookie cutters with and we will make some really cute Bird-feeders

We might not have enough snow on the ground to make a snowman, but that will not stop us from creating our own Snowman inside on Monday 29th, if you have an empty coffee-creamer bottle, bring it with, so that we have enough for everyone.

On Friday January 2nd 2015 we will finish our winter program by filling our Snowmen with a Hot-Chocolate-Mix that we make and then we have to try it of course. We will also be playing some fun games.

Since all  the crafts are from Pinterest, they might change since we are still trying them out because we want to avoid a Pinterest fail with the kids. Also please let us know a week in advance if your child plans to attend, because we want to make sure we have enough for everyone.

On the  23rd of December we are showing a movie at 5:30 pm on our big screen. It will be a fun one for the whole family to enjoy. Watch our Facebook site to find out which one we are showing.

On December 30th at 6 pm we are having a workshop about Henna-Bodyart: Art, History,Hands-On. This should be a fun one and it sounds like this one is for teens and adults. It is funded in part or in whole by a grant from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

We are having a little contest going for the kids during the month of December.  The kids need to tell us how many books they plan to read during the month and when they meet their goal we will reward them with a mitten filled with goodies. So far we have 10 kids signed up and one of them, Brittney S. met her goal today. Way to go, Brittney! And thank you Walmart of Grand Rapids for helping us making the contest possible!

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